Episode #001 – Interview with Kate Ranta on Surviving Gun Violence

Mud to Lotus Podcast Episode #001 – Kate Ranta


On Today’s episode, Angela interviews Kate Ranta, who shares her gun violence survival story. After leaving her abusive husband of three years, Kate was harassed, stalked and experienced vandalism to her car from her ex husband.  On Friday, November 2, 2012 Kate and her father were shot by Kate’s ex husband in her Florida apartment in the presence of her son. Kate was shot in the hand and chest before being airlifted to the hospital. Learn more about Kate’s domestic violence story, the trauma she experienced, aspects of her healing process and how she lives with trauma during this episode.


Key Topics


  • Bringing light to the down falls of the system that was set up to protect women and children
  • What it feels like to experience the trauma of gun violence
  • How Kate advocates for women in abusive relationships
  • Tendencies of women in abusive relationships
  • The “abuse fog”
  • It’s not just weak women who fall into abusive relationships
  • The blame and guilt that comes with abusive trauma
  • The ins and outs of mental and physical recovery
  • There’s no road map following traumatic events
  • Life after gun violence

Interview with Kate Ranta a gun violence survivor, you can find Kate at http://www.kateranta.com


Angela True is a writer, speaker, coach and counselor in training. Through narrative therapy, coaching and walking with survivors, Angela counsels others on grief, loss, trauma and resilience. As a survivor of gun violence, Angela created Mud to Lotus as a way to talk with people about how they crawled out of the darkest day of their life. You can find Angela at angelatruewriter.com and contact her at [email protected]. Angela also provides 20 minute free consultations. To schedule, please visit angelatruewriter.com/coaching/.

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