July 31, 2018

You have to grow together so you don’t grow apart.

19 years ago today, I married this tall hunk of burning love. I had a white wooden lacy stool made so that I could climb up to kiss him. We had a big wedding because for me it felt like somehow in spite of everything I lived through this called for a party. I didn’t think I would get married, in fact I was just about ready to sign up for the Peace Corps when I met Greg.
Anyone who knows me knows I would probably have lasted a day. I don’t camp or rough it well.
Greg was my Math tutor. I kept getting a C- out of my logic games math class and I needed a C to graduate. We ordered the teachers addition, didn’t get much math done but I got a husband out of the deal. He claims I flashed him my boob at the lake, and I think he’s making that story up.
There are so many things I didn’t know then that I know now. I didn’t know how much we would have to grow together to not grow apart. I didn’t know that moving overseas, living in other countries would be the best thing we ever did for our marriage and the bond that we share.
I didn’t know that out of the billions of people in China that every single one of them would want their photo with Greg and yell, 2 meters in Mandarin while running to get their photo with him, using our camera. Lol.
I didn’t know we would move to 3 different countries, move houses 13 times in 19 years, have two beautiful twin boys and 3 pugs. I didn’t know that change would be the one constant that we counted on, and craved. I didn’t know that all of these places would find a way to my heart, but the person who would break down the giant walls I built around my heart was Greg.
So often I tried to push him away testing his love for me because most everyone I loved died or went away. Trusting that love could be real for me felt like a distant rainbow that was meant for someone else to slide down. I remember in my 30’s thinking life was supposed to be smooth you get the house with the white picket fence and you live happily ever after. That isn’t quite how it happened for us. We get the Lanna style house in Thailand that was so infested with Tokay lizards, snakes and rats that were bigger than our pug Fred. The infestation was so bad that it sent the exterminator running when he peeked in the attic he refused the job. We don’t do things traditionally, but for us it’s better that way. Things aren’t perfect and our move back to the states has been challenging to say the least. But each and every day I thank the universe for you Greg and the journey we are on. I know that each and every day is a gift and I know I am so much better with you by my side doing life our way. Happy Anniversary Greg Schellenberg, choosing you was the best decision I have ever made. I love you, happy Anniversary!

Angela True

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